Youth Culture Killed My Dog, Episode 1: Shouting Noises into the Void

YCKMD_WORDS_FOR_INTERNET_USEWelcome to the very first episode of Youth Culture Killed My Dog, the internet’s most necessary podcast. This time out Roy Rogers, Tyler Oyler, and Jeff Kusterbeck discuss what they are most looking forward to in pop-culture over the course of this year. For just under one hour and twenty minutes they debate the latest season of Parks & Rec, Downton Abbey, Captain America: Winter Soldier, X-Men: Days of Future Past, the Star Wars license moving to Marvel, the value (or lack there) of the new generation of video game consoles, D&D 5th edition, the latest from Marvel.NOW, and Roy employs a very tortured metaphor for what it is like to experience each season of Game of Thrones. General information about the podcast can be found here.

As this is our very first episode we ask for patience as we work out technical and editing issues with our audio.

You can click here to listen to the mp3 in a new window or right-click to download and save for later. We hope to have an iTunes feed available soon. UPDATE! We now have an iTunes feed.

Detailed show-notes are available below the fold. We welcome comments, questions, and feedback in the comment section below or by email or at yckmdpodcast[at]@[at] Thank you for checking out Youth Culture Killed My Dog and keep listening!

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Dragon Age II retrospective

Dragon Age II by Bioware (EA, 2011)
Dragon Age II: Legacy by Bioware (EA, 2011)
Dragon Age II: Mark of the Assassin by Bioware (EA, 2011)
Dragon Age: Origins by Bioware (EA, 2008)

Today This week marks the release of Dragon Age 2: Mark of the Assassin (likely the final major DLC release for that misbegotten sequel) and the first episode of Dragon Age: Redemption (a Felicia Day vehicle cos-playing as a video game ad). A couple of things stand out on this momentous day of Edmonton based virtual entertainment. First, I am glad to see that internet films have graduated to the production values of early episodes of Hercules the Legendary Journeys. Who says progress is linear? Second, Bioware really is making a play to take over the fantasy imagination of a generation of gamers.

Now, then, is a time as good as any to consider the state of Bioware’s fantasy franchise. Few sequels have driven the internet gaming blogosphere as insane DA2.

Internet opinion on this game varies along a spectrum that goes from “DA2 is the worst Bioware game” to prophecies of the eminent collapse Western RPGs. I am on the record noting that Bioware has been failing to provide quality entertainment for the last 11+ years, yet, at the same time I feel that this seven month old game is not nearly as awful as the average Kotaku commentator would have you believe.

In order to understand the strengths and weaknesses of DA2, we’ve got to dispel a few of the myths that haunt this franchise.

WARNING: The text below drops a lot of TRUTH BOMBS. Also: SPOILERS.

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